Terms and Conditions

Craftg guarantees satisfaction of all our products and services. Please let us know if you are dissatisfied and how we can remedy it. We will refund you if we are unable to sufficiently correct the situation. Please email sales@craftg.com with any questions or complaints.

When a customer orders a pattern, they are provided access to download the pdf pattern and are provided access to the photos and videos for a period of time. Craftg will most likely provide continued access to the pattern unless supporting it becomes too burdensome. If the duration of a customer’s access to the pattern content is less than 3 months due to actions by taken by Craftg, Craftg will grant requests for refunds.

Requests for refunds of figurines may be granted less a shipping and handling fee as some figurines are shipped from outside the US and shipping is a significant portion of the purchase price. Please direct specific questions and inquiries to sales@craftg.com.

Patterns (including files, text, photos, and videos) may not be shared, posted online, or resold. Patterns are created solely as fan art. No copyright allowances or permissions are implied or given upon sale of a pattern.